August 21, 2006

Gastr del Sol

Unfortunely (or not) Gastr del Sol was kept restricted to a small number of fans. Probably, the band is nowadays referred to as Jim O'Rourke's main focus during the 90's; it is obvious, nevertheless, how present and influent the band was in its existence, from 93 to 98. As described afterwards, its formation gathers the best among Chicago's experimental scene, many of whom have their works released through labels such as Drag City and Thrill Jockey.

Originally named as Bastro, the band, formed by David Grubbs, Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise) and John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake), has had its influences going through post hardcore and noise rock. The later name change has symbolized a veer to focus more prominently on timbre, sound, ambience and minimalism. Jim O'Rourke teamed up after the release of The Serpentine Similar, debuting on the EP 20 Songs Less and on the amazing Long Play Crookt, Crackt, or Fly, which continues where John Fahey has stopped, producing a predominantly acoustic album, irresistibly minimal and hermetic.

The compositional duo Grubbs & O'Rourke solidified its magnificence as their last two records, Upgrade & Afterlife and Camoufleur, were released in 96 and 98, respectively. The first passes over the eruditism of John Cage and Morton Feldman, folk (the last track is an amazing John Fahey cover), ambient and minimalism. The latter, more straight forward, is an amalgam of Burt Bacharach, Tom Jobim and the omnipresent John Fahey, obviously in a more experimental approach; it is a superb album, and it has determined where would both Jim and David go to in their respective solo carreers since then.

It is worth it to remember the fact that The Sea and Cake was named after a Gastr del Sol song, "The C in Cake", from Crookt, Crackt, or Fly.


Para bem ou mal, o Gastr del Sol ficou restrito a um relativamente pequeno e felizardo contingente de fãs. Quem sabe o grupo seja mais conhecido, atualmente, como o foco principal de Jim O'Rourke na década de 90; porém é claro o quanto foi presente e influente em sua época ativa, de 93 a 98. Como será descrito a seguir, sua formação tem a nata da música experimental de Chicago, muitos dos quais encontram-se espalhados em bandas de selos como Drag City e Thrill Jockey.

A partir do extinto Bastro, de David Grubbs, Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise) e John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake), originou-se o Gastr del Sol. Antes influenciada principalmente por pós hardcore e noise rock, a mudança de nome simbólica também foi uma tentativa de explorar mais o timbre, a sonoridade, a ambiência e o minimalismo. Jim O'Rourke, juntou-se ao projeto logo após The Serpentine Similar, estreando no EP 20 Songs Less e no impressionante Long Play Crookt, Crackt, or Fly, disco que leva a diante o trabalho de John Fahey, fazendo um disco predominantemente acústico, irresistivelmente minimalista e hermético.

O duo composicional Grubbs e O'Rourke consolidou a grandeza do Gastr del Sol nos dois últimos trabalhos, Upgrade & Afterlife e Camoufleur, de 96 e 98, respectivamente. O primeiro perpassa influências que vão do eruditismo de John Cage e Morton Feldman, folk (o disco termina com um incrível cover de John Fahey), ambient e minimalismo. O seguinte, mais acessível, é um amálgama de Burt Bacharach, Tom Jobim e o sempre relido John Fahey, obviamente numa abordagem mais experimental; é um disco sensacional, além de ser a raiz da sonoridade que tanto Jim quanto David aderiram em seus discos solo desde então.

Vale lembrar a curiosidade de que o The Sea and Cake foi batizado a partir de uma piada com o nome de uma das músicas do Gastr del Sol, "The C in Cake", do disco Crookt, Crackt, or Fly.


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six said...

gastr del sol = demência.

reflexsom said...



pedro said...

boa haddad, e lembrar que esse disco foi um dos primeiros que vc me apresentou, quem diria hein? dos recreios ao prog do jacaré, do post-rock a beleza pop do holger, bela historia

zhao said...

have linked to you... cheers!

Lucky said...

me too, awesome blog!
me out, awesome mood!

josé l báez said...

hi. i'm also a huge gastr del sol fan. you might want to check this davis grubbs entry on my blog.

Loopy C said...

Was not familiar with them, thoroughly enjoyed listening to their ranging explorations of various settings. I played the collection throughout the night as I slept/half slept and discovered a nice place in their sound to slip into between brain wave 'set changes, thanks for the comprehensive introduction ;-)

Someone stole my shoes today said...

Just came back here to say thank you for these. Didn't know this music but there's some really nice songs there.

Anonymous said...

Onde está o link?
Sou grande fã de Gastr del Sol

rodrigo turrer said...

Por favor, man!
reposte os links do Gastr del Sol...
Os álbuns evaporaram...

Anonymous said...

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