May 24, 2007

Drag City Records

[Due to Drag City's staff request, links to all of their albums previously posted were removed]

Drag City,

I understand you as an incorporation, so I promptly removed all albums as kindly asked. Nevertheless, I cannot leave it without stating that, specially in foreign countries, sharing your music is, at worse, profitable; maybe the only option for actually getting to know your music - and that applies to mp3 sharing per se.

Music sharing is intended to be for purposes of acknowledging new music and eventually acquiring it, in a sense of collectionable items. I have several Dragcity albums myself, considering that in Brazil an import album costs, relatively, almost three times more to avarage costumers then in your USDollar based market.

This unfortunate inconvenience, specially considered my incredible admiration to Drag City, is obviously displeasing. All arguments lead to conclude the clear purpose of this blog on sincere music exchange between (your) music fans.

Best regards,


joselbaez said...

How sad. I myself (from Chile) bought a few Drag City albums but at a terrible expensive price and sometimes, the only way to get to know their artists is this way. I don't blame them either, it's not entirely their fault but maybe they could start thinking of integrate people outside the US, interested in their artist's albums, with lower shipping prices or special promotions.
Greetings Eduardo and please continue your great labor.

PB said...

forças do projeto soundsystem, abraço

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eduardo for many gems that I have not yet been able to aquire due to financial reasons. In the big picture I can understand Drag City's position, however, most of the Drag City artist's music that I collect is on vinyl. It's just really nice to here what you've been wanting to here such as O'Rourke's "computer Hotel." Thank you again for your wonderful contributions! -nathaniel

bruno said...

Cheers mate!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this. This story emphasizes
the question of the impact of filesharing for experimental artists.
I am sure that Madonna and her label are loosing money because of filesharing but do Six Organs and Drag City ? Filesharing is also an opportunity for less known artists to have their music acknowledged. There are a lot of artists I first discovered through filesharing and am now buying the records of.
Keep on doing this!

grey calx said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog Autres Grooves about a link exchange. Sorry, I took a while to respond, but I've been offline for a while due to circumstances. Anyway, I have you linked. There's some nice stuff here, and I hope to explore the still available offerings soon (by the way, I agree with the sentiments of the comment above mine). Also, I should have a new post on my blog later today or tomorrow.
Good luck with the blog. Cheers.

grey calx said...

I forgot to put the link to Autres Grooves, just in case.

There's a reason it's not in my profile. Also, feel free to check out my other blog. There may be something there you may be interested in.

John Lyre said...

Hay gente que está en esto por el arte, hay gente que está en esto por el dinero. Y como el dinero ciega, hace perder la razón, los buenos muchachos de Drag City se extraviaron y creyeron que se iban a volver pobres si la gente del mundo entero conocía a sus artistas. Soy de Argentina, me es imposible comprar discos de Drag City, simplemente no llegan o hay que pedirlos a precio dólar. Felicito a este blog por poner a disposición música que de otra manera sería imposible conseguir. Lamento la ceguera de Drag City.

jw said...

oi, Eduardo!
gostaria de saber de vc se posso utilizar alguns dos seus links no meu blog.
pensei em postar o La Buena Vida por lá, já que a maioria dos internautas que chegam até lá gostam de sair do óbvio.

riccardo said...

great blog, truly!
can you add mine to .cagedream?
ciao riccardo

Jack Spartah said...

I side with Drag City on this. I'm all for out-of-print and otherwise unavailable MP3's being posted on this site, but many of the artists on Drag City are probably barely scraping by, and every sale helps. Why shouldn't you help subsidize something you like, to help ensure that there is more of it forthcoming? Recording studio costs are high. Record sales help pay those costs. If you want Drag City stuff as a download it's all on iTunes. If you're just a cheapskate who doesn't want to help pay the costs for these marginal artists to do their thing, you deserve nothing.

Ferdinand said...

Alguma alternativa mais obscura pra eles ?

Anonymous said...

As someone who has worked at a small indie record store, I am well aware of the "situation" regarding music being posted. The one thing our customers appreciate are our in-store library of play copies, which allow them to make "educated" purchases. Unfortunately, the music industry still relies on consumer ignorance. A clip from a track, even a track in its entirety, from an album is contextually ambiguous. That said, thanks for the blog! I am getting a sonic education, and spending my hard earned money on CDs I really want. Consequently, someone is getting a lot of business...

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge you to delete this post and all others that even reference the label's name. Perhaps when their sales drop they may realize the error of their ways. Bon fortuno! ~stupiddle

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge you to delete this post and all others that even reference the label's name. Perhaps when their sales drop they may realize the error of their ways. Bon fortuno! ~stupiddle

Anonymous said...

this blog entry is incoherent.

Anonymous said...

i live in a country where i won't be able to buy drag city records for the next 10 years. does that mean that i have no right to listen to their releases at all?

Anonymous said...

buy them online.

"specially in foreign countries, sharing your music is, at worse, profitable." this is nonsense.

Anonymous said...

if you live in a country where you have no RIGHT to buy Drag City albums, it sounds like you have bigger problems than not being able to find something to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Sod Drag city. Who needs them?



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