May 30, 2008


Boyd Rice's NON, in a superb dark-ambient album. Absurdly disruptive and unsettling - extreme drone-music.

(2002) Children of the Black Sun / V0

May 15, 2008

Dagmar Krause

Canterbury Scene's most notable voice, Dagmar Krause (Slapp Happy, Henry Cow, Art Bears), in her solo debut, sings early twentieth century german theathre music by icons Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler. Although far from the rock scenario, Supply & Demand shows Krause's highest vocal qualities, in a no less joyful approach.

(1986) Supply & Demand / 160k

Today is the Day (repost)

Second album by Steve Austin and Today is the Day, Willpower (Amphetamine Reptile Records) gathers much of Zeni Geva and OLD in this noise-rock / post-hardcore / metal crossover album. The comparisson to K. K. Null and James Plotkin is pertinent since Austin has as well pushed further the boundaries of experimentalism in metal territory. TitD eventually trailed a straight metal path towards the 2000's, except for the amazing Relapse's Sadness will Prevail.

(1994) Willpower
/ 320k

May 14, 2008

Charles Mingus

Another masterpiece from Charles Mingus, this time in big-band format. It was considered by Mingus himself, by the time it was released, his best work to date.

(1972) Let My Children Hear Music
(V0) / download (part1 / part2)

May 7, 2008


Oneida's seventh full length album (sixth through Jagjaguwar) is a marvelous amalgam of complete different styles in a highly creative and harmonious recording. Baroque pop leads to postpunk, which precedes stoner rock, garage rock and psych-folk ('Run Through my Hair' starts at the point labelmate Richard Youngs stopped making good music).
The album may loose its stregth towards the end, but songs like 'The Eiger' and the album's peak 'Know' make The Wedding an incredibly strong and inevitably addicting work.

(2005) The Wedding / 224k

May 6, 2008

Romulo Fróes

"Calado", solo debut album from brazilian Romulo Fróes, takes the early to mid twentieth century's chorinho and samba styles reminiscent of Dorival Caymmi, Batatinha and Jards Macalé, combined with slowcore acts such as Low and The Red House Painters. Based in São Paulo, Fróes released his solo work through Bizarre Records.

(2004) Calado / 192k

Current 93

"Sleep Has His House was recorded in February 2000, a few months after the passing of David Michael Tibet's father. It is easily the most minimal and personal of all Current 93 recordings. Michael Cashmore played all the instruments except the harmonium, which is played by Tibet. Nurse with Wound's Steve Stapleton played "the world."
Tibet's voice, Cashmore's playing, and Stapleton's treatments are what give this somber little album its air, water, and slow-burning fire. There are a few instrumentals here, such as "Love's Young Dream" and "Lullaby," that create a sense of constancy; there is a sense of repetition that gives it an almost liturgical feel. There are lengthy instrumental outros to both "The Magical Bird in the Magical Woods" and "Immortal Bird," filling out the elemental nature of these beautiful songs and lending the set texture, some color, and only a hint of drama." source

(2000) Sleep Has His House / 192k

May 5, 2008

Slapp Happy / Henry Cow

A great recording from two Canterbury Scene standouts joint together. A Prog/Art-Rock classic.

1974) Slapp Happy / Henry Cow - Desperate Straights / 256k



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