May 24, 2007

Drag City Records

[Due to Drag City's staff request, links to all of their albums previously posted were removed]

Drag City,

I understand you as an incorporation, so I promptly removed all albums as kindly asked. Nevertheless, I cannot leave it without stating that, specially in foreign countries, sharing your music is, at worse, profitable; maybe the only option for actually getting to know your music - and that applies to mp3 sharing per se.

Music sharing is intended to be for purposes of acknowledging new music and eventually acquiring it, in a sense of collectionable items. I have several Dragcity albums myself, considering that in Brazil an import album costs, relatively, almost three times more to avarage costumers then in your USDollar based market.

This unfortunate inconvenience, specially considered my incredible admiration to Drag City, is obviously displeasing. All arguments lead to conclude the clear purpose of this blog on sincere music exchange between (your) music fans.

Best regards,

May 23, 2007

Jesu - Discography

(2004) Heartache EP
download: mediafire

download: megaupload

Silver EP
download: badongo

download: mediafire

Sun Down / Sun Rise EP
download: mediafire

thanks to Amud

May 22, 2007

Edith Frost - Discography

Another Drag City artist featuring in this blog, Edith Frost has much resemblance to the latter contemporary folk artists posted, such as Will Oldham and Jim O'Rourke. In Calling Over Time, Grubbs and O'Rourke from Gastr del Sol are included in her backup band in this astonishing debut album. Wonder Wonder is another Chicago based high quality backup banded album, with producer Steve Albini and members of The Sea and Cake.
Frost is sweet and somber in all her recordings; her distant voice ressonates in either overwhelmingly warm or foggy ambiences, carefuly dosing pop and/or traditional aspects to enrich her incredible musical palette.

(1997) Calling Over Time
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(1998) Telescopic
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(2001) Wonder Wonder
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(2005) It's a Game
download: sharebee*

* links removed as requested by the artist

May 21, 2007

David Grubbs

A legend in the Chicago underground music scene, David Grubbs is co-founder of heavily influential acts such as Squirrel Bait, Bastro and Gastr del Sol. Both Squirrel Bait and Bastro are among post-hardcore's initial breath (specially Bastro, some kind of artsier version of Big Black), while Gastr del Sol is some kind of subsequent canalized flow of artsiness from Bastro's members.

Since co-composing with genious music scientist Jim O'Rourke is surely ego demanding, parting ways was an expected step. The last Gastr del Sol's record, Camoufleur, is definitely mainly O'Rourke's, undoubtly different (better, as a matter of fact) from Upgrade and Afterlife. Not that the latter lacks of quality; it's their peak of conventional songwriting deconstruction - but obviously evolved from Mirror Repair and the first two, and obviously Grubbs' compositional trademark.

As a solo artist, Grubbs, at first, found himself as a lo-fi folk minimalist in 'Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange', analog to some future Richard Young's Jagjaguwar albums (Sapphie, Making Paper and May). Later albums gradually became more unpretentious, specially in The Spectrum Between, a great example of what would became almost all of his Drag City records afterwards; Rickets and Scurvy and A Guess at the Riddle fit well to the style mentioned, while Off-Road and Act Five, Scene One are mostly experimental acts.

*links removed

May 16, 2007

Shellac - Rare

(1997) Shellac & Mule 7'' Split

(2000) Shellac & Caesar 7'' Split

(2005) Shellac - Billiardspielerlied

Thanks to Breno, once again.

May 15, 2007

Shellac - Early Singles

(1993) The Rude Gesture (A Pictoral History) (fixed)

(1993) Uranus (fixed)

(1994) The Bird Is The Most Popular Finger (fixed)

Thanks to Carlos and Breno from the Experimental/ETC Downloads orkut community

May 11, 2007

Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

This 4 part ballet piece is an alltime avantgarde jazz classic. Mingus' whole compositional spree is schizophrenic, yet cheerful. As attributed in its allmusicguide review, this is probally the first jazz record featuring overdubbing technology, what makes this record heavily texturized and inevitably intense. Amazing.

(1963) Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady / V0

May 10, 2007

Shellac - Discography

Shellac is Steve Albini's most incisive facet; his trebly and cutting edge guitar work, insanely clear production and heavily sarcastic lyrics are Shellac's tradition, being a noisier and minimalistic possibility in the post hardcore spectrum.

(1994) At Action Park

The Futurist (fixed, check servers' progress)


(2000) 1000 Hurts



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