May 22, 2007

Edith Frost - Discography

Another Drag City artist featuring in this blog, Edith Frost has much resemblance to the latter contemporary folk artists posted, such as Will Oldham and Jim O'Rourke. In Calling Over Time, Grubbs and O'Rourke from Gastr del Sol are included in her backup band in this astonishing debut album. Wonder Wonder is another Chicago based high quality backup banded album, with producer Steve Albini and members of The Sea and Cake.
Frost is sweet and somber in all her recordings; her distant voice ressonates in either overwhelmingly warm or foggy ambiences, carefuly dosing pop and/or traditional aspects to enrich her incredible musical palette.

(1997) Calling Over Time
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(1998) Telescopic
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(2001) Wonder Wonder
download: sharebee / turboupload*

(2005) It's a Game
download: sharebee*

* links removed as requested by the artist


Anonymous said...

wow. Fucking great. Don´t forgett something of Squirrel Bait ( si hay alguna grabacion/If it's there something), Is my birthday and i am drunk.

topo from Bs As

Edith Frost said...

I appreciate the nice words but I don't get it, you're offering all four of my albums for free download in their entirety? FYI I have a whole album's worth of free demos you can download at Comfort Stand, and more free MP3s on my website. You can feel free to share any of that stuff but I'd appreciate it if you took down these non-Creative Commons tracks.

Steve Thailand said...

True true...hard to get hold of your stuff...loved the free demos which I stumbled across....
I'm guilty - I would have downloaded your stuff Edith - but I'll order them from somewhere because I know it'll be so good...



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