November 27, 2007

The Hafler Trio

"The Hafler Trio is Andrew M. McKenzie (from Newcastle, England — currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia) working in the field of psychoacoustics and sonic research. Since 1982, The Hafler Trio has produced a prolific body of work involving art, science, sound, religion, comedy and philosophy — emphasizing a dynamic balance and interplay of 'body', 'mind' and 'spirit' over any one of these. McKenzie has previously worked with members of Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Nurse With Wound, Psychic TV, Whitehouse and Zoviet France. Andrew has also collaborated with performance artists John Duncan and Annie Sprinkle, ex-Fluxus artist Willem De Ridder, artist/designer Neville Brody, and sound/poetry artist Z'EV. Recently, The Hafler Trio are concerned with the ramifications of technology and the creation of the most extreme, all inclusive experience as possible, that 'resonates' over a period of time lasting much longer than just the physical time it takes to apprehend it, and affects and engages all levels of being." source

(2005) The Hafler Trio with
Jónsi Birgisson (Sigur Rós) - Exactly As I Do
/ 187 VBR

(2003) Autechre & The Hafler Trio - Ae3o & H3ae / 192 VBR

(1991) The Hafler Trio - Kill The King / 320k


Ellaguru said...

thanx for hafle trio and anthony braxton and welcome back again(i know, you never left, it's ok, but..)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for Kill The King!!!!!!!!!! Been looking for that one FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

well anonymous you didn't look hard enough or didn't want to pay for it. the cd is normally available from korm plastics - and i strongly suggest you buy a copy.
frans de waard of korm plastics.
please remove this link



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