December 4, 2007

The Jewelled Antler Library

Anonymous said...

"could you remove these for now? we are reissuing the library later this year on Porter Records.

jewelled antler people"

"Jewelled Antler is a loose affiliation of musical artists centred around the releases made or affiliated with two people, Glenn Donaldson and Loren Chasse of the Bay Area, San Francisco, USA. The artists combine an interest in recording spontaneously in natural settings that helps bring about an inherent connection between the music and the surroundings. Their musical inspirations are varied and range beyond folk music to music from India, experimental punk, 60s pop and much more.
In style the music moves in a range between folk acoustic and processed field recordings/collected sounds. Although it is perhaps over simplistic to say so, Glenn seems to bring the more folky element to the music with Loren bringing an interest in exploration and capture of natural sounds. The artists that are directly associated with the Jewelled Antler name have often evolved spontaneously around Glenn and Loren as they travel, meeting friends and fellow musicians.
Music is often recorded live, out doors and direct to tape using instruments that can be carried or powered by batteries, from stringed instruments, mobile keyboards to hand percussion. The structure will often appear improvisational although there is a song writing craft at its heart. Afterwards the music will be processed, edited, overlaid and interwoven with found sounds, fragments of speech, weather, gongs, digital noise, glitches and the like into a cohesive tapestry.
This combination brings together a new sound palette that is unpredictable, evolving and in its simplicity and directness, seems to continue and revitalise the original folk tradition. Acoustic music is often processed to be sound part of the tapestry alongside the other elements. Field recordings are an important element alongside new sounds gained by rubbing and manipulating such as leaves, stones and other natural components.
Although tagged ‘The Jewelled Antler Collective’ this is merely a useful name for artists working in a similar field who are connected with or sympathetic to the intentions which sit behind the music. At it’s heart it derives from the music of Glenn and Loren but extends through their musical friends in such countries as Finland and New Zealand working in similar areas." source

vol 1:
(2003) Loren Chasse - Green Laughter /

vol 2:
Tomes - Dreadful Gift /

vol 3:
(2003) The Ivytree - The Sun is the Lamp /

vol 4:
Hala Strana - Karst /

vol 5:
Dead Raven Choir - Their Feet Are the Foraging Grounds of Wolves /

vol 6:
Famous Boating Party - Silvery Branches /

Uton - Zwuij /

vol 8:
Claypipe - Wayside /

vol 9:
The Muons - The Well at Land's End /

vol 10:
Thuja - Fable /

vol 11:
Kemialliset Ystävät - Nuuhani Ni Haka /

vol 12:
Fursaxa - Harbinger of Spring /


H.A. Rodriguez said...

graaande soidemersol!! e nossa colab que nunca saiu hein...
te imploro por uploads do Avalancha de Exitos e Reves/Yo Soy dos tacubos =D e tb, não sei se tens por ae, a discografia do In the Fishtank!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow..amazing. thank you!

Cellar said...

thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

could you remove these for now? we are reissuing the library later this year on Porter Records.

jewelled antler people

Anonymous said...

It takes some kinda chump to ignore a request from an artist you claim to be a fan of to remove downloads for a period while they try to sell their music, but it takes an even BIGGER bozo, to then add that request to their description while they continue to ignore that request. You, my friend, are an A-grade arsehole! you can try an justify yr actions however you like, it wont stop you from being a horrible human being.

Soidemersol said...

can't you notice the albums have only titles, not links? I will not waste my time replying in a similar tone.

Anonymous said...

I apologise. It looked terribly like you were still offering them for download. I admit, I am the chump! and apologies also for my terrible use of language. It's just that I know that some of these free download blogs have had an impact on the music of my friends (including some of the artists included on this blog) so I'm a bit defencive. But again, I am very sorry. I dont suppose you can get rid of that last entry?

Soidemersol said...

it's impossible to delete it.

anyway, I see your point, apologies accepted. the purpouse of this blog is to primarily analyse music in its historical development, and make it available since it's rare and virtually unaccessible to many countries. if any harm is inflicted, I never refused to remove the content.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are willing to accept my apology. I had thought that the comment would have been submitted for approval first so wouldn't be there for all to see. I don't personally have a big problem with the free downloads, as I see your point about accessibility, and it is a great way to keep out of print titles by these amazing musicians available. But as I said (and this still doesn't justify my total stupidity!) some of my friends are finding their albums put up for free download days after their release and so are facing having boxes of CDs they can't sell. I actually like some of these websites as a way of finding music to purchase and can see how it is providing a promotional service for some of these acts as well. I guess in this day and age we are all having to reevaluate our relationship with the music we listen to it, and its context as a commodity. I will have to offer my apologies once more for jumping the gun, I still feel very embarrassed about it.

AHTOH said...

Reading the exchange above brings out a few key themes of our times - the reality is that the old mechanics of music distribution are going the way of wooden casks and buggies - a lot of the stuff on blogs is either out of print unavailable because the original recording company doesn't see it viable any longer or has gone bust or whatever. And on the other side, smaller indie labels and individuals using the old medium of distribution face the risk Anonymous mentions. Lets add another perspective - I found Soidemersol's blog looking for old out of print music, and discovered Badgerlore, which lead me to some of the band members other activities which lead me to Jewelled Antler. Now I am physically almost as far away as you could get. Porter Records has no easy ability to purchase online, either for shipped delivery or download. I could by it on ebay or online for about USD 63.00. The 4 CD boxed set is limited to a run of 1000, and while it looks like a nice object, I'm unlikely to be prepared to buy without listening to something. I'd almost certainly buy a high quality MP3 download of the boxed set, particularly with some PDF's of the artwork and so on if I could hear a few minutes of some of the tracks etc - in the style of many stores - CDBaby is an example of this means of distribution. The other asoect of this of course is that I'm unlikely to spend more than a certain amount of time trying to locate this music, before it gets just too hard. I think Soidemersol has the right idea. I'm also all for what Luke Mosling at Porter is trying to do - but can't he lift his eyes to the change in distribution technology.

Marmon Hammer said...

I think AHTOH articulates the current state of things well; there's never an easy answer to the question of buying vs. free downloads in this day and age. What if I just spent my monthly/quarterly/whatever budget on other music and the box set is released? What are my options then? If I miss a limited - and, unfortunately, hardly anything worth listening to these days seems like it's released in anything but limited quantities - release then I have no recourse. I'm left scouring the online galaxy for a free download. On average, I probably download somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-20 records a day. That's no exaggeration. The vast majority of them are rare, old and out of print stuff, but frequently something like this pops up, and I'm into it. As AHTOH said, I'm not familiar with everything on the box set, so why would I drop $65 on something I don't love or even know yet? The answer is that I won't. If I had a free download, however, I could get familiar with it and if I dig it, I'll buy it. It's not 1980 anymore, I'm not in the habit of dropping cash on records that I haven't heard based on the label, the sleeve, etc.

All of that aside, it's usually a moot point for me, as I will only spend money on vinyl. And I spend a lot of it on vinyl. So if you aren't releasing this stuff on vinyl, especially in anything but limited quantities, then forget it. Eventually I'll find a free download and now you're out anything I could've possibly contributed. It's obviously a tough issue with no easy answers, but a free download leads to vinyl purchases. That's all there is to it.



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