December 12, 2007


"Moondog was the pseudonym of Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916September 8, 1999), a blind American composer, musician, cosmologist, poet, and inventor of several musical instruments. Although these achievements would have been considered extraordinary for any blind person, Moondog further removed himself from society through his decision to make his home on the streets of New York for approximately twenty of the thirty years he spent in the city. Only in the final decades of Moondog's life did the public begin to appreciate the extent of this man's talents, primarily because of his stubborn refusal to wear anything other than his own home-made clothes, all based on his own (sometimes too singular) interpretation of the Norse god Thor. Indeed, he was known for much of his life as 'The Viking of 6th Avenue'." source

(1956) Moondog / 191 VBR

(1956) More Moondog / 210 VBR
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Thanks a lot for this material!

Oh no se si es en habla hispana, por las dudas:
Gracias por este material, es fantastico!

D Mingus said...

Moondog é o mestre dos magos da música extemporânea.

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