April 29, 2008

Kenny Vance

Solo Kenny Vance debut album, Vance 32 became an extremely rare recording, maybe due to its anomalous reaction in the general music scenario of its time. It was clearly intented to be a commercial hit, but, starting from its nonsense cover, it didn't fit the industry in several aspects - and neither did it find a cult segment of appreciation.
Former Jay and the Americans member, it is clear that Vance is a doo-wop aficcionado; since the early 60's, his musical intents have never left this territory, although expressed in a slight different manner in this album.
Recently reissued in digital format for the first time by japanese label Vivid Sound, Vance 32 gathers harmony-vocal pop elements from the 40's, extremely mellow love songs in roots 50's rock & roll style, even resembling psychedelic in some moments; all of these influences processed in a neo doo-wop aesthetic.
This barely conceptual work had no similar release in Kenny Vance's carrer, virtually based in film soundtracks and in his latter work in Kenny Vance & The Platones.

Vance 32 / 214 VBR


Unknown said...

Awesome, I was just reading about this the other day...

To me the recording quality really adds a layer and separates it from maybe more "hollow" pop.

Music_an said...

the sharebee link seems to be dead...

spinalfrog said...

Some really amazing songwriting that totally took me by suprise. And really well done harmonies...

Simon666 said...

Hi there,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of Harold Vick – “Don’t Look Back” (1974).
All the Best,

Unknown said...
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